Challenger​/​Braindead EP

by The Laytcomers

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Passe 03:25
And I saw the line yeah I saw the line cannot dissolve the line hell even I dissolve but it's all cliched stuff so I waste away yes I can waste away but it feels so good to be this way you think you're crazy you're a washed-up, has-been like me telling lies cause it's a sign that you're civilized you know it's good you got ya your golden standards and you're all defined with split hairs when it just so happens you know big words ha ha hah aha you know your words are so your result And I am not a savior I can't help you today turn your eyes away because its so cliched and lame you know the washed-up, has-been, know-it-all that I can't live without hah ha hah it's so wrong to just come with us come with us be civilized like me and live with answers for our doubts
Delivery boy 02:40
There ones lived a boy With a name I don't know Nothing interesting ever happened to him Nobody knew he existed He delivered pizza for living His lifestyle could be improved He loved to leave the radio on And once he knocked on the door An old lady looked through the window He didn't know what to say His eyes became green Like tennis balls He said… I’m a pizza delivery boy I lost my head on the Wednesday I lost my ways and now I'm bold Nobody would let him in your house smells like salt and pepper He turned the radio on loud Enjoy the new sensations Of someones attention He was the only one Reliable to exit He always dream to visit And question old ladies funeral But He survived He never wanted to survive I don’t want to survive I don’t want to survive
Braindead 03:33
Some say go it's not a common way a cynical unknown it's time to get away see me comin', there's none stay that's when you get away oh it's nothing to seem low when you're going way too slow you just don't seem to realize a sentence says to come on down said to get us laid yes I've learned that you're gonna miss the wrong way and, in a sense, talking some kind of mystery this time missing calls another waits but they started going way down listening to sins that know me by a timid sound that rises up to her to sing songs, sing soul
How can our time fly let me rest let me go when she makes this eyeless face how will I know? Can't stay alone when it's never enough just can't say no because it's never enough but I can't say I am whole because it's never enough but I just can't say no because it's never enough these captive hands of yours I know I can keep them hissing long and slow but will they know no shame or anger? Can't stay alone because it's never enough just can't say no because it's never enough but I can't stay alone like it's never enough but I just can't say no because it's never those bones are so brittle they just turn to dust just whistling dust and she takes special actions against those who wait those poor ol' dudes who live way past their date
Challenger 07:42
Fix today I've got nothing to say Got it out of the way and I got nothing to do got nothing to prove got nothing to do at all but to sing your name just you wait My thoughts arrested on a solid line something I wasn't born to see but all i do is guess and try and i never ever had to comply and I'm set yes I'm set! [but i must insist that we take it along along down here] the challenger the challenger the challenger waits and he sits with long drawn eyes fixed upon me like a devilish prize


We're poor bastards.


released February 7, 2014

credits to The Laytcomers
Cye Husain - guitars, bass, drums, percussion, vocals, etc.
Ilya Shkipin - guitars, bass, vocals, keys, etc.


all rights reserved



The Laytcomers Fremont, California

Hi, we're Laytcomers, consisting of Cye, Ilya, John and Joice. We are located in Fremont and Hayward California.
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